Guide – Ready To Choose A Downhill Longboard?

Innovators determined that longer decks, soft urethane wheels, wide trucks are better for handling the high-speed downhill racers. A downhill longboard is the perfect board for this. But you are a beginner and want to see what the excitement is all about and you want a good balanced board. What board do you need best beginner longboard  to choose?

You can actually choose any deck and it can be set up as a downhill longboard, but experts who has practiced on several boards came to the conclusion that there are basically 2 deck styles that are best fitted for downhill longboarding: The drop through longboard and the top mount longboard.

It is best to buy a stiff board for downhill longboarding. A lot of longboard racers prefer the drop through longboard and if you really want the quickest way down the hill with high-speed, most racers found that a top mount longboard is the best.

If you have never gone fast, you would love the drop through longboard due to its stability. This is a perfect board when you are a beginner in the downhill world. The drop through longboard has holes on either side of the board where your trucks are dropped through. Most of the time it is a symmetrical board which means, it doesn’t matter if your longboard on the front or on the other side, both are the same. It is more stable and you are lower to the ground giving you a lower center of gravity, which will help you with the anxiety in high-speed.

By choosing the right deck size, go with the longer ones when you are a beginner. This gives you more stability. It will be less maneuverable, but it will be better than feeling unstable on a short board. Downhill boards usually range from 37″- 43″. If you do not know what length you want, choose a mid range about 40-41″. Go with the size of your shoes for the width, and you are always fine.

When you have done some hills and feel comfortable with the speed, but you want faster and want to try high-speed, you can choose a top mount longboard. This will be for the intermediate and advanced racers.

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